Nikolai Tjongarero

Founder at Easy Sats

He hosted the first African Podcast to be listed & streamed Bitcoin to via Podcasting 2.0, named #FromTheJump & he’s also the Chief Bitcoin Officer at both EasySats & Bitcoin Mining Namibia. He uses EasySats to spread Bitcoin Education & Adoption amongst his countrymen by publicly sharing his Proof-of-Work while engaging with mainstream media, politicians, businesses individuals about Bitcoin use-cases & attending sessions held by the Central Bank of Nambia.

More recently he was named the 10th Most influential African Bitcoiner of 2023; was a Speaker at Adopting Bitcoin (Cape Town, South Africa – January 2024) & hosted the 1st Trezor Academy Namibia educational session series (Held at CCHub Namibia – May 2024).

Bitcoin Education & Experimentation are some of his many passions.