A unique opportunity for young African developers

Afro bitcoin Fellowship

What you gain by participating in the program.


Fully funded participation to Africa Bitcoin Conference

The program covers all expenses for the selected young developers, including travel and accommodation, allowing them to attend the Africa Bitcoin Conference without financial burden.


Access to valuable resources

Participants have access to valuable resources during various sessions of the Africa Bitcoin Conference, providing them with a diverse and in-depth understanding of Bitcoin and its potential applications in Africa.



The fellowship will offer networking opportunities for afrobitcoin fellows to connect with other entrepreneurs and experts in the field, including industry leaders, investors, and potential partners.

Eligibility Requirements

African based on the continent

Not older than 35 years

Passionate about building solutions that leverage Bitcoin to address African challenges and increase Bitcoin adoption across the continent

Minimum 3 years of developer experience

What People Are Saying

How the Afro Bitcoin Fellowship has impacted individuals in the Bitcoin community.

“The Afrobitcoin Fellowship has been transformative, empowering me with mentorship to connect with the Bitcoin community and gain the capacity to build innovative applications that supports Bitcoin adoption in Africa. Attending the Africa Bitcoin Conference enriched my network, advocacy efforts, and offered valuable hands-on workshop sessions”
Irene Ufia
“I had the best experience participating in the Afrobitcoin fellowship. It provided a platform to connect with top experts in the Bitcoin space, share innovative ideas and explored the potentials of Bitcoin in Africa in the near future.”
Mohammed Abdul-Sobur
“Afro #Bitcoin fellowship is doing great work.”
Jack Dorsey