Femi Longe

Program Director at Btrust

Femi Longe is a serial social entrepreneur, innovation consultant, service designer, learning scientist and startup coach. A Bitcoin Rationalist, he is the Program Director of ₿TRUST. Previously, Femi was CEO of QALA Africa, an engineering training programme that helps African software developers transition to a career in Bitcoin & Lightning development.

He is also the co-Founder & a non-executive Director at Co-Creation Hub (CcHub), Africa’s leading social innovation centre and tech hub. For 9 years, he served as CcHub’s Director of Innovation, leading corporate innovation & social innovation engagements that brought clients (multinational corporations, SMEs, non-profits & multilateral agencies) into deep engagement with the African startup ecosystem to create new value and tackle interesting problems. Femi has an MSc in EdTech/Learning Science from Centre de Recherches Interdisciplinaires (CRI) at Universite Paris Cite.

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