Noble Nyangoma

CEO at Bitcoin Innovation Hub

She has a history of leadership and transformative roles, demonstrated during her university days when she helped raise funds and balance budgets for the Needy In Need Club, directly benefiting vulnerable women. After earning a Bachelor’s degree in Social Science from Ndejje University, a Certificate in Psychology from YMCA, and a Certificate in Computer Science from HOPENET Institute of Health Science and Management, she joined Heng Rong One Ltd as an Executive Assistant. Her innate leadership abilities and creative thinking there led to improved project turnaround times.

Just six months into her role, Noble was promoted to CEO of Bitcoin Innovation Hub, where she now makes major corporate decisions, manages operations, and sets strategic directions. Her diverse experiences enable her to adeptly navigate the challenges faced by large companies.

In her personal time, Noble enjoys reading, hiking, and traveling, with books like “The Art of War” by Sun Tzu and “Rainbow in the Mist” by Phylisa Whitney capturing her attention, reflecting her belief in the power of reading to stimulate the mind.